Using AI to generate higher quality leads


Andrew Remes
Andrew RemesCo Founder

So the robots are coming for us – run! While some are in a state of AI panic and others celebrate AI with caution, no one (and yes that’s no one) has AI figured out yet. We at inside immediately started applying its use in the obvious value add scenarios i.e. skilling our data army up to use AI to find more prospects to target. But what level can it take lead generation to?

We are an agency based on skilled sales & HUMAN led engagement. Our models are based on connections person to person and nothing – absolutely nothing – will replace our SDR’s ability to have those conversations which accelerate lead conversion day in day out. Relationship led all the way. So if we aren’t replacing our SDR’s with AI robots how will we adopt it? How will the market we operate in adopt it? Here are some predictions:


Enable pipeline insights

analyse sales conversations and reveal exactly what moves your pipeline forward. Companies like RevSure.AI are securing $10 million funding to do exactly that.

Highlight promising leads

identify patterns, predict customer behaviour, helping sales prioritise their efforts and focus on leads with the highest conversion potential.

Supersize personalisation

from the initial outbound messaging to the nurture offering, more intelligent analysing of data can equip sales and marketing for better engagement, improving the customers journey.

AI (currently) WILL NOT:

Create new ideas

creativity of a sales led mind cannot be replaced. AI cannot act on gut instinct while having a real time conversation with a prospect.

Build a relationship –

trust, psychological connection, emotion and physical interaction. In our world these factors are non-negotiable if you want to nurture and close prospects.

Deal with varied circumstances

it acts on inputted data only and let’s face it, when it comes to lead closing, a human decision and sales cycle is never linear and straight forward!

I guess our current conclusion (and just like AI, it’s going to evolve) is that AI can help the ‘science’ behind how to systematically generate leads more likely to close, using data based info. However, when it comes to the ‘art’ of nurturing that lead to close – nothing can beat a good SDR (preferably an inside global one)!

So finally, we asked ChatGPT to summarise if marketing & sales should fear AI and the answer is…….

No, sales & marketing professionals should not fear AI. Instead, they should embrace it as a powerful tool that can enhance their productivity and effectiveness. AI is an opportunity rather than a threat.

….well you would say that wouldn’t you! 

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