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Building out an entire database of prospects is a massive job which can take months to complete – and then it needs constant refreshing to ensure it’s up to date!

Plus, without an in-house data team to maintain this for you, you’ll find you end up with lots of pipeline leakage (meaning missed revenue opportunities).

Fortunately, inside global can provide and manage sales-ready data for you, with millions of existing records in our bespoke Salesforce system.

So, whether you want a full-service lead generation partner or you just need some more ‘top funnel’ sales data for your internal sales team, we can help.

What does our B2B data service involve?

Data processing and reporting take time to complete and require constant refreshing to ensure everything is up to date and working for you as it should. That’s where we come in.

At inside global, our team of dedicated experts will take the stress and strain away from you, providing invaluable sales data sets and continuously managing, qualifying, and validating our database.

Each account team even has its own dedicated Data Manager, ensuring that the pipeline is consistently being filled with valuable prospects and that any missed revenue opportunities are spotted.

And just so you can be absolutely sure of the ROI you’re really getting from partnering with us, each month we provide our clients with a clear report to demonstrate the value we’ve delivered for them according to their own sales teams. These come in real-time dashboards giving a simple-to-digest view of our activity and pipeline value; account by account, vertical by vertical, and territory by territory.

So, if you’re looking to build out a market, increase your intelligence within certain key accounts, have a clear view of your pipeline value, or simply get more prospects ‘opted in’ to your ongoing marketing, we can help.

Our B2B data set and reporting service includes:

  • Access to high-quality B2B sales data sets
  • Management and qualifying of data
  • Trained data experts, with experience in tools including Salesforce, Zoominfo and LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • An in-depth monthly report providing a breakdown of pipeline value for each account, vertical and territory
  • A dedicated Data Manager per account team to get the most out of your pipeline

Benefits of high-quality B2B data sets and reporting

With a specialist partner by your side, both the provision and expert management of B2B data presents many opportunities for your business.

Data can open you up to more valuable sales opportunities and provide you with endless insight, without the time-consuming and resource-heavy work required.

Data and reporting services are vital for making resource efficiencies for any business, helping inform smarter business decisions, and ensuring revenue opportunities are never missed.

“inside have become an integral part of our team, they provide a superb BDR solution which is easy to engage, and up and running without stress, we get a steady supply of leads and our inbound marketing leads managed effectively month in month out.”

Peter Auchterlonie, Marketing Manager UK, Broadcom

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Why choose inside global as your B2B data provider?

inside global holds the key to invaluable insight with our provision and management of sales data. We treat our B2B data service as an ongoing process, too, working to maximize your potential over time. Working with inside global means:

  • Access to over 50 million sales-ready contacts
  • Experience across the USA, EMEA, and APAC
  • An in-house team of specialists ready to help you grow
  • Monthly reports and live-time dashboards

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