I need to generate more leads, faster.

I want to generate more qualified leads, faster.

In Gartner’s 2020 Chief Sales Officer report, 49% of those surveyed listed ‘Early Pipeline Acceleration and Lead Generation’ as one of their top three priorities – the highest on the list! (Gartner 2020). 

Of course, it’s expected that all B2B technology companies are highly focused on getting leads into the funnel. But in recent years, this has rightly become much more focused on getting the right types of leads.

So what is a ‘right lead’?

How many times have you heard the sales team complain that they don’t get enough leads from the marketing team? While at the same time, the marketing team claims that they’ve given the sales team hundreds of leads but nothing seems to come from them?

Well as you probably know, there’s usually an element of truth in both statements!

While it’s essential to have marketing activity such as content, events and digital to build up MQLs, often the leads that come through just aren’t the right prospects – either they have the wrong titles, are from the wrong companies, or at worst are completely irrelevant!

That’s a lot of time your in-house sales team now have to dedicate to sifting through and identifying the prospects who are worth following up with.

Why is it a challenge?

Well firstly, many B2B tech companies don’t have the in-house resource to qualify and reach out to every MQL that comes through.

And that leaves even less time to conduct a much more targeted approach – identifying the ideal prospects and reaching out individually by phone, email or LinkedIn. 

The reality is that to effectively generate more leads, and do it fast, you need a number of capabilities:

  • A data team that can quickly build out lists of prospects and keep this updated

  • A sales team that consistently complete hundreds of prospecting calls and messages a day

  • A client success team that really understands the market and how to get results 

  • A tech stack that can optimise your sales efforts and avoid pipeline leakage

These all take a massive amount of investment and time to build up.

Where do we come in?

The above is why clients approach us to help with their lead generation activity; access to an on-demand outsourced sales agency that can take on all the investment (and stress!) of doing it in-house.

And coming back to what we mean by ‘right leads‘ – at inside global, we are fully focused on delivering outcomes and this means ensuring the leads we generate for you are fully qualified as potential buyers and prospects that could lead to revenue!

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