I want to generate more opportunities
from my events

I want to generate more opportunities from my virtual and physical events

Events have long been a key element of the marketing toolkit. And in 2020 we saw a real revival of webinars, as well as newer formats such as virtual roundtables, conferences and networking events as businesses got creative and embraced newer technologies!

But what if these events you’re investing time and money in just aren’t delivering much of a return? 

You spend all this time researching and creating some amazing content, and then… nothing. 

Well you’re not alone. The reality is that many technology companies just don’t have the capabilities in-house to maximise an event to its full potential. What you need is a partner with the experience and knowledge to help you get the ROI it deserves.

Why run an event?

An event is a great opportunity to get in front of potential buyers, and in a much more engaging way than through content or a digital ad. When live, they also open up the possibility to network with buyers in person (although virtual networking events have become much more common post Covid-19 as well).

But it’s not just about the conversations ‘on the day’ –  something that many businesses forget.

An event, whether physical or virtual, is a massive lead generation opportunity, allowing you to not only capture contact details but also to get you closer to buyers who are actively looking at the challenges your tech solution can help them solve.

If you’ve successfully picked a topic that speaks to your ideal buyers’ challenges or business needs, and you advertise the event effectively, you should have a number of new leads to start nurturing down the funnel. And you already know what it is they’re interested in leading to a much more positive and productive conversation!

So what’s the challenge?

Most of our clients have one of these three challenges:

  • We don’t ever get enough delegates/attendees…

    As we’ve mentioned, events are a great channel for lead generation. But there are also lots of them out there. It can take hundreds of calls, emails and LinkedIn messages to attract the number of attendees you need to get a return on your event. Is this something your sales team have the time or desire to do?

  • We get plenty of delegates, but they’re not of good quality…

    You can see the sign ups pouring in… 

    You’re getting excited!

    But then… 

    …You realise only one or two are actually relevant.

    No matter how great your event is, or how many bums on seats you have, if they’re not potential buyers, it will have been a waste! You need to have the right data and a team of SDRs who know how to engage them in order to avoid this common problem.

  • We get all the good quality delegates we need, but then nothing ever comes of them…

    The day has been and gone, the event was full, and everything went off without a hitch! Now you just need to watch the opportunities roll in, right?

    Well unfortunately it’s not as easy as that. Even when you’ve held a great event, there’s still a lot of effort and investment that needs to go into the follow up. And to strike while the iron is hot, you need a team of SDRs who can immediately start conversations with delegates to make sure that leads turn into actual opportunities.

Where do we come in?

We can help you with as much or as little as you need when it comes to your events. 

Many of our clients prefer us to do the heavy lifting – taking full ownership of sourcing the data, delegate generation and the follow up – leaving them to concentrate on the actual ‘on-the-day’ content. Others just need help on one or two elements. 

Whatever you’re looking for, we’re happy to partner with you and help ensure your events get you the revenue opportunities you need!