B2B Appointment Setting Services

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In a competitive global marketplace, the ability to influence a project, negotiate a deal and become a partner early in a sales cycle can be the difference between success and failure.

Here at inside global, we understand that for most technology companies, being able to outsource this early stage of the process allows them to free up time to concentrate on steps further down the funnel. This means that every stage of the process is managed to a high standard, ensuring the quality of service is not compromised at any point throughout the journey.

We set up hundreds of calls and face-to-face meetings for our clients every month. Whether you want to gain valuable prospects in your home country or are looking to tap into niche markets across the globe, we’ll help you do just that. With over 19 languages spoken by our team of experts, we employ a native approach to make the most of valuable markets no matter where they may be.

So, you can trust us to take care of everything; from arranging the appointment to making follow-up calls, allowing you to focus on what you do best: closing deals.

What does our B2B appointment setting service involve?

With over a decade’s experience in B2B appointment setting for tech companies, we truly understand both the individual needs of your business and your prospects.

Our expertise within the B2B technology industry means that we know exactly what makes your prospects tick and the best possible ways to reach them, so you can be assured of efficient outreach every time.

Here at inside global, our B2B appointment- setting service helps generate valuable opportunities for both your business and leads through a variety of methods:

  • Calendar appointment setting to help turn prospects into high-quality leads

  • Implementation of a wide range of multi-channel communication, from traditional methods to more modern means

  • Delivery of online demos and webinars to showcase your service 

  • Follow up communication to guide leads through the sales funnel 

  • Identification of exciting opportunities to tender 

  • Screening of companies to filter real, quality leads 

  • Event appointment setting to support valuable networking at industry events 

“We rely on inside global to develop net new opportunities but also nurture our pipeline and re-engage clients. We have had little success with agencies before but Inside Global’s methodology and team delivers and they are now a key part of our team”

Business Development Manager, Cap Gemini

Why choose inside global as your appointment setting company?

Inside Global not only puts you in contact with the right prospects – you can be sure that any pain- points throughout the process will be managed effectively.

  • Access to industry-leading prospects through our in-depth client database 

  • As B2B tech specialists, we ensure the unique challenges of your field are considered every step of the way 

  • With years of expertise in lead generation, we position your company in the best way possible, informed by real knowledge

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If you’re searching for a LDR, BDR, SDR or even AE appointment-setting company that truly understands the unique needs of your tech business and what you’re looking for in your prospects, get in touch with inside global now.

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