Multilingual Sales & Lead Generation Services

Generate leads in local languages

The word ‘sales’ in German is verkauf, in Spanish is ventas and French is ventes. Sales isn’t confined to one language, so don’t let linguistic barriers hold you back.

According to a global survey by Episerver, 28% of B2B decision-makers believe that expanding into new geographic markets is a top opportunity for their company. Further statistics also show that using a prospect’s native language in business is preferred and makes a deal more likely to happen.

Fortunately, inside global provides multilingual lead generation services to help you connect with prospects across the world, no matter the language they speak. We offer multilingual services across EMEA, APAC, US and LATAM to help you connect with buyers.

What does our multilingual sales service involve?

With offices in the US, UK, Germany, and Australia, we’re truly a global business. We hire sales development representatives that natively speak your prospects’ language to enable local connections.

And, with teams focused on all global markets, we can offer you dedicated support wherever you need it.

Depending on what you’re looking for from an agency partner, we can:

  • Help you identify the key accounts and buyer personas in relevant markets Your Content Goes Here

  • Build on your existing database, or create an entirely new one of global prospects

  • Provide our lead generation and appointment setting services with a native-speaking SDR
  • Continuously provide you with data and insights that will help to inform the ongoing growth strategy
  • Appointment setting with a native language speaker

Benefits of a B2B multilingual sales team

By connecting with prospects in their native language, you create a comfortable and interesting conversation where language is not a barrier.

Not only this, but technology is a rapidly expanding and future-focused sector, one that is applicable across the globe, not just in one singular market. A multilingual sales team can help you adopt new markets with speed.

Technology also has its own global hubs, so for medical technology, you might find yourself needing to expand into Tel Aviv, which has numerous languages spoken.

Ultimately, multilingual teams are flexible and not fixed to just one language. This flexibility means that you can expand into a country rather than a language – one that may not be spoken by everyone in that country.

Why choose inside global for multilingual lead generation?

inside global was created with the ambition to provide tech companies with a full-service, on-demand inside sales partner. And with more of our clients seeking growth and revenue opportunities worldwide, we knew that our language capabilities needed to be at the core of our offering.

  • Entire approach aligned to your growth requirements
  • Either provide a specialist linguistic service for certain markets or wholly become your EMEA, APAC, or Americas sales team
  • 54 million sales-ready contacts across the globe and counting
  • Tailored lead generation approaches to meet your needs
  • We optimize your time for maximum success
  • We consider local sales customs, as well as language.

Our Awards and Accreditations

“GE went to RFP to find a true EMEA partner to support with a significant partnership. We have been delighted to select inside and to grow with them over time into a very close strategic partnership due to the outstanding results in such a short time.”

Eliza Ward, Marketing Manager UK, GE

Get the leads you want, in the language they speak

If you’re looking to expand to new markets, trust the experts at inside global to get you the right leads, in the right language.

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