I want my sales team to attend
more sales appointments

I want my sales team to attend more sales appointments

“My sales team are great at closing meetings…but we just don’t get enough of them’.

Does this sound like you?

Well it sounds like many of our clients prior to working with us!

They knew they had the right people with the right skillsets to nail a new business meeting. But unfortunately, they were only getting one or two a month; not nearly enough to deliver on sales and revenue objectives.

Well with over a decade’s experience appointment setting for some of the world’s most exciting tech companies, we know a thing or two about increasing their volume!

But first, what do we mean by ‘sales appointment’?

A sales appointment is usually set up by one of our Sales Development Representatives for a more experienced Sales Manager on the client side.

This could be done through LinkedIn, email, or (most commonly) over the phone.

It’s an opportunity for our client to deliver a more detailed sales pitch and product/service demo to a potential buyer, with this hopefully leading to another meeting and ultimately a sale!

Why is it a challenge?

The challenges are similar really to the ones laid out in ‘I want to generate more qualified leads, faster‘ – they come down to resource, investment or appointment setting expertise.

Many B2B technology companies rely quite heavily on referrals or upselling to existing clients. Getting a sales appointment with a completely new account prospect can be a real challenge, mainly because:

  • Buyers get hundreds of approaches every month! 

  • If they aren’t already aware of you, why would they meet you? 

  • And if they are aware of you, what will push them to take the next step?

So successfully increasing the number of appointments your sales team sit comes down to three main things:

  • Identifying lots of the right prospects who could be buyers either now, or in the future.

  • Building a rapport with them through relevant communications and a genuine understanding of their industry and challenges – as well as how your services relate to them.

  • Constantly keeping on top of these leads to ensure they become appointments and don’t fall through the cracks! 

Where do we come in?

Our client success teams are all experts in guiding a strategy in this way, allowing our SDRs to do what they do best – getting hold of buyers, building a rapport with them, and converting them to appointments!