I want a persona-aligned sales strategy

I want a persona-aligned sales strategy

A common tactical approach in B2B marketing and sales is by buyer persona – giving your sales team a clear strategy for who to approach and with what information. 

But what do we mean by a ‘persona’?

Instead of just talking about markets, job titles, accounts – a ‘buyer persona’ is a true visualisation of your ideal customers.

Usually companies will look at creating a number of ‘buyer personas’ with names such as ‘Sales Susanne’ and ‘Marketing Michael’.

They’ll then attribute different characteristics to these personas; from what it is their role is likely to entail to what it is they might be looking at for the future.

These personas help technology sales teams to really think about who their customers are, what keeps them up at night, what the challenges might be in their role – and therefore how the technology they’re selling might help them.

Why is it a challenge?

Our clients tend to come to us with one of two challenges:

  • They don’t know what the right buyer personas should be, or how to build a sales strategy around them.

    Creating buyer personas isn’t about plucking them out of thin air. It takes research, tools and experience to drill down into who they are and what would interest them. If you’re a company that’s newer to the market, you might not have these in place just yet. 

  • They do know what their buyer personas should be, but don’t have the capabilities to build a sales strategy around them. 

    You might be completely confident in your buyer personas, but it still takes a lot of other things to bring them to life within a highly effective and tactical sales strategy.

Where do we come in?

Our SDRs are on the ground speaking to hundreds of buyers across the technology industry everyday, while our Client Success and Account Managers all have proven experience in running persona-aligned sales strategies. 

This gives us the kind of insights that can be really difficult for one company to gather – at least at the same level and pace that we do. 

So whatever stage you’re at – whether you need guidance in creating your buyer personas or you just need an amazing outsourced sales team to get you in front of them – we can help.