I want to employ an Account Based Marketing strategy

I want to employ an Account Based Marketing strategy

ABM has been the buzzword in B2B marketing for the last few years. And while it’s not a new concept, it’s certainly become a focus due to how much the B2B landscape has changed. 

With more challengers in the market and a constant stream of content and information throughout our daily lives, buyers are increasingly difficult to connect with – ironically the more channels we have, the harder it becomes! 

Because of this challenge, many businesses have started to tighten the net and become more targeted through ABM.

But what actually is Account Based Marketing?

ABM is a strategic approach in which marketing and sales teams target specific ‘accounts’ to try and turn them into customers. These are accounts that they have deemed to be a good fit for their products/services and that may have higher value.

Why is it a challenge?

The key to successful ABM really comes down to two things; data and personalisation. 

The right data is needed to ensure you’re targeting the right people in the right accounts. This includes intent data so your sales team are armed with the insights to have a more powerful, in-depth conversation. 

Then all sales and marketing communications need to be personalised towards your chosen accounts’ industries, markets and challenges. 

Finally, all this data and personalisation should continue to feed into each other, giving you consistent insights to keep creating more of it – ultimately making your ABM extremely effective.

Sounds easy right?

Well, of course in reality it comes with a host of challenges and complications, and many businesses struggle with knowing where to start.

Where do we come in?

We’ve run account based marketing campaigns for many of our clients, and can partner with you to help you at any stage you might be in. 

This could include:

  • Identifying the right accounts

  • Building the data 

  • Targeted sales outreach

  • Scaling your ABM efforts to new markets or sectors

  • Reporting and demonstrating ROI