Stop wasting money on poor leads

Imagine a world where there is no such thing as a rubbish lead. Here is our take on a few tactics to prevent them.

Ban forms.

Treat people like people! If you wanted to help a sibling or friend feel better, would you make them provide their email address and phone number for it? Have a kind helpful two way conversation, like a normal person.


How can you ‘be relevant’, ‘understand’ or ‘add value’ (buzzword, buzzword, buzzword) unless you have actually asked the questions first. So ask the right ones, then shut up and listen.

Stop shoving business pains down their throat.

They aren’t idiots and they know they have the problem. What they need to know is why they should spend time talking to you about it. They want to know one thing, what is in it for them, so get to it quickly.

Selflessly give.

Have a tonne of tools, content, referrals and offers (which they don’t have to pay or fill in a form for) in your back pocket. Shower them with your gifts so when they are ready they will come to you with the words “I’m ready … what’s the next step?”

Your sales team doesn’t have unlimited time and resources to pursue every lead that hits your website or seek out the right fit for your business. It is not about more leads, it’s about better ones that have been identified and nurtured properly. Our SDR’s know how.

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