A way around long-term demand generation investments

James Simpson
James SimpsonCo Founder
Shortages are big, flexibility is massive, fractional partnerships are…. critical?

With market uncertainty and turbulence coupled with lay-offs it’s hard to remain agile and competitive. What’s more it is harder and harder to commit to long term investments. That includes a retained outsourced SDR team. We are certainly feeling it, but we also totally get it. There is a significant rise in the need to be able to operate outbound sales as if part of your business while being on a use base model.

Elon Musk demonstrated you can run a saas business by being lean, Twitter works just fine without the millions of folk who worked there, everyone else is stress testing their business to see how far they can go with lay-offs before they buckle, but the reality is people are buying software still to navigate the tough world out there, so they are not switching off selling.

If you think about all of the above, the sensible way therefore to run a business today is to be able to construct a model whereby people costs are manageable and talent is available on demand.

Two big conversations I am having right now are with tech vendors who both have hundreds of SDRs worldwide but want to design a solution with us to act as a virtual on demand solution to support with spikes, tactical efforts and to give them the competitive advantage at a time of lows and highs.

Makes sense, who wouldn’t want to be able to fill in a request form on a Friday and have a top performing team ready to go on the Monday? Is this going to become a norm in the future? Let’s see, but we get it and are certainly game. 

Let me know if you want to look at how a fractional SDR partnership could look for you.
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