Benefits of Outsourcing Sales – What You Need to Know

Handing over some, or all, of your sales responsibilities to third parties can be somewhat daunting, but they can be essential for business growth and accelerating your pipeline value. So, what are the benefits of sales outsourcing, and what might you need to consider? Here, the team at inside global break it down for you.

Sales outsourcing: the basics

Companies might choose to delegate specific areas of their sales process to a third party. Doing this can free up time across your sales workforce that otherwise might have been lost to menial tasks.

If your sales team can dedicate more time towards nurturing leads and completing sales, then it can only drive positive results at the end of every month.

What are some examples of sales outsourcing?

When you need your team to focus more on getting sales across the line, you can expect exercises, such as appointment setting, lead generation, and market research, to be covered by your outsourcing partner. 

Take for instance the SDRs here at inside global – they can empower your sales team throughout all stages of your sales process by creating, nurturing and assisting you in closing leads.   

How can sales outsourcing help to meet demands for growth?

If scalability speed or exponential growth is vital for your business, then outsourcing part of your sales processes might be the way forward.

Prioritizing your business growth can put significant demands on your service delivery, with mundane maintenance tasks continuing to add to the burden. Therefore, your workforce can concentrate on more business-critical matters by outsourcing some of your workflow elsewhere.

Sales outsourcing can also assist with lead generation and locating the most valuable matches for your business.

Establishing and nurturing these leads can take time away from your sales teams and might even slow down the process of closing sales across the board. Reviewing the efficiency of your sales process can lead to a positive impact on your sales figures. If you choose to enroll a third-party outsourcing partner, it can assist in accelerating your pipeline value.

With a hands-on approach, you can expect to discover more genuine leads while potentially expanding your reach across land boundaries.

For many businesses, expanding into new geographic markets provides real opportunities. The possibilities might be endless for your business and customers.

The work we did for Silver Peak shows how inside global supports businesses with their ambitious growth plans.

Benefits of sales outsourcing

1. Tackle admin overload

According to research conducted by Forbes, sales representatives can spend as little as 35.2% of their working week selling their business’s products and services. These figures can be detrimental when attempting to find ways to meet service demand. When outsourcing to a third party, you are giving the outsourcing company access to the administrative tasks that your teams complete regularly. Ultimately, the more time your salesforce can spend selling, the greater the growth potential.

2. Explore new territories

Prospects can be based anywhere in the world, just as business potential can develop around the globe. Language barriers can sometimes be one of the greatest hindrances when exploring new avenues. Selling isn’t restricted to just one language, and 28% of B2B stakeholders believe that expanding into new markets is a top priority. A specialist SDR agency like inside global can help you successfully navigate these new territories with multilingual services.

3. Promote greater performance

Spending more time encouraging your sales department to sell can have increased benefits. After all, the more sales are completed, the more your pipeline value increases. Customers also expect a level of customer service that meets their needs, with certain levels of expertise required to handle particular sales functions. Time spent nurturing and understanding what a customer is looking for sets the precedent for successful completion. Sales outsourcing can bring fresh ideas, solutions and experience to your internal teams. If time is something you need more of, sales outsourcing can give that back.

4. Improve customer reach

Do you need to generate more leads, quickly? Sometimes the greatest issue can be locating and nurturing the right leads for your business. It can be challenging, especially if a business doesn’t have all the capabilities or facilities required. Some of the constraints can simply be not having a data team to build lists of prospective clients or even the capacity within your sales team to consistently complete calls or messages. Some of these administrative tasks, although valuable, can severely hinder time dedicated to working with customers and completing sales. A sales outsourcing agency can assist in genuine lead generation.

5. An economical investment

While sales outsourcing is not free, it can be cheaper than hiring more talent internally, especially if the aim is to claim back administration time as an opportunity to sell. If your budget does not cover hiring new talent, outsourcing vital tasks like market research, lead generation, and customer nurture programs can provide the reprieve you require. Investing in a sales outsourcing strategy will alleviate time pressures for your sales teams and ultimately allow them to focus on completing their sales.

6. Strategy insights

The process of sales outsourcing is not exclusively used to free-up resources and time. Outsourcing partners will be able to identify areas of potential growth within your sales strategy. As experts in the sales pipeline, from delivering genuine leads to growth and revenue opportunities, specialist SDR agencies like inside global identify patterns within your data. This enables insight into targeting future customers and nurturing prospective clients.

sales funnel KPIs

How to determine if sales outsourcing is right for you

There are times when sales outsourcing is the ideal solution, but, like any sales model, it can impact businesses differently. At inside global, we want to highlight the potential we can deliver while providing awareness about what you might expect.


  • Greater lead generation and reach
  • Strategy insight to identify future customers
  • Flexibility to assist within any stage of the funnel (create, nurture and close)
  • Access to an experienced team to support you
  • Free up time internally so your team can focus on what’s important


  • Some of the sales processes will be managed by a third party
  • Dedicate budget and a business case for sales outsourcing
  • Information is handled by a third party

Handy things to know before investing

You will need to establish your core reasons for entrusting a sales outsourcing partner. Consider which parts of your sales process will need to be relinquished and whether there are forecast budget restraints within your business. It is worth evaluating whether a partner and the services available, will meet your specific requirements.

Therefore, before you meet with your expert SDRs, set out objectives and what you hope to achieve from the relationship. Sharing these ideals will help your SDRs tailor the right solution for you. For instance, if conquering new territories is something you are aiming to expand into, it is necessary to see what restrictions and considerations you might face.

Most importantly, you will need to realize a purpose for outsourcing your sales process. This can affect the alignment of your internal teams too. As you want the process to be a success, it is important for everyone to work towards a common goal.

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Invest in sales outsourcing today and secure high-quality leads that will deliver the growth you need

As experts in B2B sales outsourcing, we understand both the value and challenges posed on a day-to-day basis. So, if you’re looking to improve your sales processes to accelerate growth and revenue opportunities, get in touch with the experts at inside global today.