Our 2022 Roundup and 2023 Predictions

In our December 2021 post, we discussed sales development and the important role it plays in reaching your future customers directly.

As forecasted, sales development is the fastest-growing entry-level role in the US, according to 2021 LinkedIn job data and continues to rapidly scale globally. Here at inside global, we’ve been at the forefront of this growth, and have seen first-hand how many companies turn to sales development to assist with their business development.

But is it that straightforward? Hire an SDR? Buy data? Engage an agency?

Lessons from 2022

The profession of sales development has experienced significant growth in recent years, but it also carries the risk of failure. One contributing factor to this risk is the fact that the role can be learned through reading online resources and is often held by individuals who are relatively new to their careers and the technology industry. As a result, there are many potential areas for mistakes and shortcomings to occur.

Sales development, for many businesses, hasn’t worked in 2022. Inside global have put this down to the approach and not the market conditions. It’s crucial for businesses to learn from past mistakes in order to avoid costly errors in the future. Getting sales development right is an investment and it is vital to understand the steps necessary to achieve success.

One way to get it right is the often-lost art of sales development. If everyone follows the same science, script and overall approach, the market becomes unresponsive, think sending emails to a bought list – who remembers when that used to work? A multi-channel ‘blend’ in theory sounds compelling, but again, if everyone is doing it, you lose the impact it once had.

Lessons from 2022

So, what do we recommend for the year ahead?

Be different!

Think outside the box, challenge every part of your outreach to break rules, and leverage true experts to achieve incomparable success. After all, the art of starting a conversation is very straightforward. Make it compelling, exciting, and inspirational and you will get the attention of your future customers whilst your competitors lose out.

It’s well known that global economies are in decline and with inflation continuing to rise, in theory businesses should reduce spending. However, like in 2008 / 2009, this presents an opportunity for tech vendors who provide solutions to businesses to increase their sales spend, encouraging cost savings, greater margins and innovation. Here at inside global, we see all the same trends going into 2023.

With projections of growth of 5.1% to $4.6 trillion, the IT market shows no signs of slowing down. so why not speak to our team of experts about how we can begin to accelerate your growth?

Inside global in 2023

inside has been in the B2B tech market for 13 years, and our leadership team has a combined 50 years dedicated to crafting revenue-creating programs for thousands of tech vendors globally. In 2023, we are putting our experience at the core of what we do. So yes we have SDRs, and yes, we have global localization, alongside world-class data, industry-leading processes, multi-channel strategies and so on, but next year we have big plans.

For 2023, our leadership team will become our clients’ Chief Opportunity Creation Strategists. With through ideation and the art of sales development, we will maximize your market potential.

‘It has never been more important to invest in your sales development teams.’

People working in an office

Increased competition from established vendors and new market entrants means it’s never been more challenging to effectively engage with future customers and sales development is becoming a critical part of winning market share.

While sales development is critical, delivering it requires significant investment and expertise: recruitment, management, team structure, data, tech stack, sequences, channels of engagement, methodology, the list goes on… Delivering this in today’s world of remote or hybrid working further complicates things.

With so much at stake in an ever more competitive market, getting the sales development function right is crucial.

Here at inside, we’ve brought together the heart and science of sales development to create a formula that produces outstanding results.

2023 is inside global’s year.

Join us as we accelerate our clients even further and complement their sales teams. Why not come on board for the new year?

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