European B2B Lead Generation

Why expand your business into Europe?

Europe is currently the largest economy in the world, with assets under management of $32.7 trillion. With the more affluent countries in the west of Europe, namely Germany, France, Italy, and Spain, Europe is a highly developed continent and one that offers US businesses great growth potential.

There are places like London in the United Kingdom, which is an economic powerhouse of a city for many sectors and has been for many centuries. For areas like technology, Stockholm in Sweden has cemented itself as a startup and unicorn hub, with companies such as Skype, Spotify, Mojang, and many more claiming their roots in the city.

Entering the European market can be tricky, with different customs, languages, laws and approaches. There isn’t a one size fits all method and many companies may struggle to gain concrete ground when not working with a partner who has successful experience across the whole of Europe.

If you’re looking to grow your business into an area of constant economic development, inside global will help. With offices in both the UK and Germany, as well as multilingual SDRs on hand, we will help you expand locally, compliantly, and strategically across Europe.

What does our B2B European lead generation service include?

When you’re looking to expand your business into European territories, you need targeted lead generation campaigns, GDPR awareness, and a knowledge of local working regulations. inside global’s European experts can do all of this, and more.

So, to get the leads you need, we will:

  • Identify the right prospects in the right countries
  • Start the conversation with your target buyers in a fully GDPR-compliant way
  • Get relevant meetings booked, with time zones accounted for
  • Generate localized brand awareness in native languages
  • Target sector and country-based opportunities
  • Succeed with strategized growth support into new territories

The benefits of using a lead generation agency for European growth

In new territories, knowing where to start with lead generation can be intimidating. That’s why partnering with a company like inside global can make your expansion to new countries more effective and strategic.

inside global’s lead generation services will also help you to expand at scale without needing to hire more people. We’re ready to help you analyze markets of interest and qualify leads at speed, using years of experience in the European markets to help refine your approach.

With inside global’s help, you’ll hit the ground running in your countries of choice.

inside global’s lead generation approach in Europe

For many US companies, the next step in global expansion is to move into EMEA, often Europe alone.

When we work with US B2B tech companies to help with their European expansion plans, our first step is to understand their business. There may be certain countries or markets that offer better opportunities than others.

Once we’ve identified markets of interest, we’ll start to strategize our approach, using native language speakers for every country to contact target leads.

As a company with UK and European offices, we have US, UK, and EU data centers, so all data is stored in a fully compliant manner.

Then, once we’ve begun to reach out to prospects, we’ll work to nurture their journey through the sales funnel, and can even close them for you!

Business Dos and Don’ts in Europe

European business etiquette can be different from the US. Discover what you need to know. 


  • Respect working hours. European laws are often very strict on working times, and it’s often frowned upon to encourage working outside of hours.

  • Shake hands. In most European settings, a handshake is a formal greeting, although in some countries it may be accompanied by a kiss on one or both cheeks.

  • Offer free tea and coffee. Tea and/or coffee are hugely important to many Europeans, and not having a hot drink of any kind is unheard of.


  • Treat all of Europe the same. Europe is incredibly diverse, and certain traditions in one country are likely to not be the same in another.

  • Be overly aggressive with your sales approach. In Europe, business isn’t about hard sales, it’s often a longer time frame and one that requires a lot of explanation.

  • Conduct business over golf. While this is commonplace in US business, it’s more common to conduct high-value business in Europe over a meal put on by the supplier.

Why choose inside global for European lead generation?

With years of experience working with brands like Silver Peak and General Electric with their EMEA expansion, we’re known as a company you can rely on to accelerate your pipeline’s success and value.

By the end of 2021, we’d generated $1.2b in pipeline revenue for our clients.

Need more reasons as to why you should work with us? Take a look:

  • 54 million sales-ready contacts in our database
  • Global operations across EMEA, APAC, and the USA
  • A team of experts ready to help you with your goals
  • Monthly reporting and real-time dashboards available
  • Technology sales experts in the B2B space

Our Awards and Accreditations

“GE went to RFP to find a true EMEA partner to support with a significant partnership. We have been delighted to select inside and to grow with them over time into a very close strategic partnership due to the outstanding results in such a short time.”

Eliza Ward, Marketing Manager UK, GE

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